Capability that measures up big.

The 2018 Ford Transit Connect is engineered to deliver the capability you need in a big way. Carry cargo with a payload rating up to 1,630 lbs. (739 kg). Need to pull a trailer or rec vehicle? The maximum tow rating is 2,000-lb. (907-kg). Beyond these impressive numbers, Transit Connect has a host of available driver-assist technologies.

The 2.5L iVCT engine delivers power ratings of 169 horsepower, 171 lb.-ft. of torque, and features computer-controlled, intake variable cam timing (iVCT). iVCT varies the cam timing across the entire power band to match the driving condition, optimizing power and fuel efficiency from low-end acceleration to high-end cruising. There is an available CNG/ Propane Gaseous Engine Prep Package that allows conversion of the engine to run on either compressed natural gas (CNG) or propane autogas.

Electric Power-Assisted Steering (EPAS) operates more efficiently than conventional steering with an electric motor instead of a power-draining hydraulic pump. Its speed-sensitive technology adapts to changing conditions to improve manoeuvrability and handling. EPAS provides an easy, fluid feel of the wheel during low-speed manoeuvres, which becomes firmer as speed increases. That’s not all! EPAS can offset pulling or drifting caused by steady crosswinds or crowned road surfaces and can also dampen wheel vibrations.

The 2018 Transit Connect comes with two additional technologies you’ll find reassuring:

When brake pedal pressure applied is insufficient to meet a hard stopping situation, Electronic Emergency Brake Assist automatically supplies additional force to reduce the stopping distance.

When you’re stopped on an incline, Hill Start Assist automatically holds the brake to help prevent backward roll while you’re going from the brake pedal to the accelerator. This is especially helpful when hauling a heavy load.

The ideal fit for your business.

The ideal fit for your business.

Its compact size and manoeuvrability make the Transit Connect Cargo Van ideal for working in tight spaces and congested areas. A wide variety of vocational upfits are available to match precisely the business you’re in. And there’s the Transit Passenger Wagon for commercial-use commuter applications. Whether you’re an independent owner-operator or the manager of a corporate fleet, going with the Ford Transit Connect is all about working as productively as you can.

Tested and Built Ford Tough

Commercial vehicles have to withstand the severity of everyday on-the-job duty. That’s why the Transit Connect was vigorously tested to over a quarter million customer-equivalent kilometres and through computer-aided engineering, simulated models were put through extensive durability, crash, NVH (noise/vibration/harshness) and vehicle dynamic tests. Also, doors and attached hardware underwent 250,000 opening/slamming cycles. Plus, chassis components and underbody structure were tested at the proving grounds under extreme road conditions to help ensure structural integrity. The Transit Connect Cargo Van is built to take on the really tough stuff!

Smart from the start

Choosing the 2018 Transit Connect is a smart move from the get-go. Its compact dimensions, manoeuvrability and big capacities are perfect for the business plan that doesn’t require the size and cost of a full-size cargo van or passenger wagon. Now factor in the intelligent options available like the latest SYNC® 390 connectivity system — and your decision to go with the Transit Connect becomes just that much smarter. The available Forward and Reverse Sensing Systems use ultrasonic sensors in the bumpers to audibly alert you to certain objects when you’re moving forward or backing up at a slow speed. The closer you get, the quicker it beeps. The compact and manoeuvrable Transit Connect is designed to work efficiently in tight places, especially when you’re driving or making deliveries in congested areas.


All 2018 Transit Connect models are equipped with front- and side-impact airbags  for the driver and front passenger. And the Safety Canopy® System with side-curtain airbags and rollover sensor helps protect front seat occupants, as well as passenger wagon rear seat outboard occupants. Located in the roof side rail behind the headliner, the side-curtain airbags are designed to stay inflated longer for added protection in a rollover or in multiple side impacts.

Transportation Solutions for Canadian Small Businesses

The Business Preferred Network is a select group of dealers that are dedicated to providing you the commercial products and services that you require to maximize the operation of your business. This Network of dealers must continually adhere to a set Business Preferred Standards that focus on all of your transportation requirements in this aspect of your business, including:

  • Your Vehicle Purchase
  • The body & equipment that you require in upfitting your vehicle to meet your business needs
  • The after sales service & repair processes to keep you on the road
  • The routine maintenance to maximize your vehicle operational time
  • The peace of mind vehicle service programs to help you save time and expenses

Your Transportation Solution provider should be all about listening to you regarding your vehicle requirements, identify areas where you can use assistance and work with you to resolve your concerns.
To be successful in the operation of your business you want to know that you’re working with people who understand and care, people who can advise you on the right solution. You deserve the best that a Transportation Solution provider can be; you deserve the services of a Business Preferred Network dealer.

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